Saturday, September 15, 2012

Some Comparisons...

Scenario 1: Day

Scenario 2: Night, External

Scenario 3: Night, Artificial

Scenario 4: Alien Abduction

WIP Scenario 4: Alien Abduction

WIP Scenario 3: Night, Artificial

Some work in progress images for the third scenario...

WIP Scenario 2: Night, External

Lights up a smidge more...

Some WIP images for the second scenario.  I think I need to bump up all the lights a little- the overall images are too dark.  That said, I'm liking where its going.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

WIP- Scenario 1: Day

Another 3 hours... pretty close now.  Having some technical issues with adding a gobo to my key light.  Besides that, I think I'm down to tweaking the balance and saturation here and there now.  The darks also might need to come up a little more.

Here is where I'm at after about 4 hours of work on the first scene.  I'm pretty happy with the position and color of the key light through the main window- I think it needs a gobo to break up the CG-ishness of it though.  I also think I'm pulling out a lot of the color and tones that I wanted in my painted color key.  I still need to deal with some of the darker areas in th background, as well as all the objects in the foreground.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Color Palettes and Thumbnails

So here are the basic color palettes for each scenario.  I've also done a quick color sketch for each to show what direction the light will be coming from and what colors will go where.

Scenario 1: Day (Hot, humid, etc)

Scenario 2: Night, Exterior (cold, fairly saturated)

Scenario 3: Night, Artificial (Christmas)

Scenario 4: Alien Abduction (creepy, over-exposed)

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Reference Images

For each of the 4 scenarios, I came up with a few bullet points about what I wanted it to feel and look like.  I also found reference images for each.

Scenario 1: Day
I really want the attic to feel hot and humid, as it might be in the Deep South with no A/C.  To achieve that, I'm going to use warm colors like yellows, oranges, and reds.  Most of my reference images have pretty blown out windows that are slightly hazy, so it feels like there is dust in the air.  I also like the image where you have visible rays of light coming through the window.  All of the colors are pretty saturated, even the shadows.  The shadows are reddish-purple in color, which I like since it plays off the yellow nicely; however, I want the shadows to stay on the warm side of the color wheel, and not go too far into purples and blues.

Scenario 2: Night (Exterior)
For my night shot lit only with exterior lighting, I wanted to do a scene lit with moonlight in a cold environment with lots of light reflecting off snow.  I looked at the film "30 Days of Night" for some reference images, as well as other shots set at night.  I like the idea of using a fairly saturate blue light, as seen in my first reference image.  Its white enough that it feels like its cold outside, not just dark. 

Scenario 3: Night (Interior)
For my other interior night scenario, I think I want to set it at Christmas time.  This gives me the option of using Christmas decorations as off stage light sources.  For example a Christmas tree would provide a warm light source that will play off of the moonlight outside the window.  Also, I may be able to pull some light from icicle lights outside the windows.

Scenario 4: Alien Abduction
I wanted to do a weird option for my 4 scenario, so I chose an alien abduction.  I looked at science fiction films to see if there was any standard method of handling this.  I think I could use any color of light for the "aliens", though green to blue-green seems to be the most typical.  The real trick is that it looks really bright and blown out, and coming from a single main direction.  The typical staging is with the object or person back lit.  There's also the possibility of adding a lens flare...